Practical, simple, effective, scalable solutions for a values-aligned,
growth-based, psychologically safe workplace culture

People who feel psychologically safe are happier, healthier,
perform better and are more engaged at work.

However, many businesses and organisations make the mistake of thinking that giving people new knowledge and skills will bring about the desired change.

But people are not machines. Simply ‘topping people up’ with more tools (horizontal growth) to get the job done efficiently and safely is not enough.

Sustainable behaviour change needs vertical growth otherwise under pressure we easily default to old habits.

Vertical growth takes self-awareness as the starting point.

It’s a process of exposing hidden unconscious drivers and learning to self-regulate (especially under pressure) while staying aligned with core values.

It’s as much about unlearning existing habits, as it is developing new ones.

When it comes to growing great leaders, building high-performing teams, or transforming an entire culture people need to:

  • Master self-awareness, take responsibility for behaviour, and courageously hold others accountable
  • Shift from image management (need for external validation) to values-aligned behaviour
  • Be deliberately developmental (adopt a growth mindset)
  • Know how to interrupt fast brain reactivity and behaviours that limit growth
  • Self-regulate difficult and challenging emotions in real time

To know more about cultivating psychological safety for your people or organisation please get in touch with Kerene to discuss your specific needs.

The Mindful Leader

A programme to radically transform workplace culture. Master self-awareness, shift to a growth mindset, and ensure values-align behaviour (in real time).


Leader Coaching

Work one-to-one to clarify what matters most to you, expose and interrupt your old patterns and build lasting behaviour change.


Most of the stress you experience is related to your mindset. Kerene explores the importance of managing your mind when your biology is working against you.

Group Programmes

Build resilience and lift engagement. Designed for busy people experiencing constant change, complexity, stress, and uncertainty.

We’ve had 70 people attend the My Off Switch programme at Z and feedback has been 95% positive.

Kerene is passionate about making a difference and really contributing to the success of organisations and each individual’s well-being.

Most importantly, she really gets what our people need! I can’t speak highly enough about Kerene and how well people have received My Off Switch at Z.

Chris Eastham

HSSE Health and Wellbeing Manager, Z Energy Limited

Kerene provided a creative and business outcome-focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme.

The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations. I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation, considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people.

Learning and Development Professional

Government Agency

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