Getting leaders walking their talk and peoples’ behaviour aligned with what matters most.

Mindfulness is more than a tool, it’s a mindset…

I support your leaders to walk their talk and your people to align their behaviour with business values.

Every HR professional and People and Culture leader wants people to display above the line behaviours, like listening generously, being open, kind and committed to learning.

Why? Because these behaviours radically improve relationships and workplace culture.

It’s important not to leave these behaviours to chance – they need to be deliberately trained.

Unfortunately, most workplaces value busyness and productivity over human skills. The expected crazy busy pace at work is causing more stress and burnout and undermining what we’re trying so hard to achieve.

Humans are not designed to think well under constant pressure, they’re designed to react, often lashing out or avoiding conflict at all costs. These responses are unskilled, destructive and a nightmare to manage.

When leaders can’t regulate their emotions, they’re particularly toxic to business.

Nothing – and I mean nothing – has the power to interrupt unhealthy knee-jerk workplace behaviours better than finely tuned self-awareness (aka mindfulness).

The best leaders don’t shy away from difficult conversations or become aggressive. They know how to hold people to account by being firm and fair and in doing so they build trust.

People who trust their leaders are more engaged, productive and happier, and teams that feel psychologically safe do a much better job.

However, putting a shopping list of values on the wall and hoping people will magically translate those values into expected behaviours is naive.

People who purposely align their behaviour with business values are far more likely to do the right thing, which is a win-win for everyone.

That’s what I do.

Group Programmes

For busy professionals going through constant change and uncertainty in a fast-paced environment.

Build resilience, lift engagement and enhance peak performance.

Speaking Events

While it’s easy to blame our circumstances, research shows most stress is related to our mindset yet very few people have been taught how to manage their own minds!

Individual Coaching

Work one-on-one with Kerene.

Work out what matters most to you, interrupt old patterns and put new behaviours in place to cement lasting change.


We’ve had 70 people attend the My Off Switch programme at Z and feedback has been 95% positive.

Kerene is passionate about making a difference and really contributing to the success of organisations and each individual’s well-being.

Most importantly, she really gets what our people need! I can’t speak highly enough about Kerene and how well people have received My Off Switch at Z.

Chris Eastham

HSSE Health and Wellbeing Manager, Z Energy Limited

Kerene provided a creative and business outcome-focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme.

The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations. I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation, considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people.

Learning and Development Professional

Government Agency

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