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Changing behaviour by changing the way people think…

Mindful at Work helps businesses reduce the problems associated with the modern workplace: increasing pressure and stress, an always-on action-addicted culture, information overload and non-stop distractions.

Workplace mindfulness is not just meditating, it is a robust set of practices to achieve unprecedented levels of engagement, performance and well-being at work. 

Mindful at Work is known for:

Being collaborative:

There’s no one size fits all. Together we get results.


 Making a difference:

There are no quick fixes. Real change takes time.



Offering a range of solutions to suit your business needs.


Being professional:

Quality is consistently rated excellent.

Group Programmes

For busy professionals going through constant change and uncertainty in a fast-paced environment.

Using mindfulness as a vehicle to build resilience, lift engagement and reach peak performance.

Leader Programmes

Today’s leaders need new ‘inside-out’ tools to function at their best.

The Mindful Leader combines a group programme and one-on-one coaching for more resilient, authentic and inspiring leaders.

Leader Coaching

Work one-on-one with your coach.

Mindfulness plus coaching is a powerful combination for reaching your potential. 

It’s like coaching on steroids!

We’ve had 70 people attend the My Off Switch programme at Z and feedback has been 95% positive.

Kerene is passionate about making a difference and really contributing to the success of organisations and each individual’s well-being.

Most importantly, she really gets what our people need! I can’t speak highly enough about Kerene and how well people have received My Off Switch at Z.

Chris Eastham

HSSE Health and Wellbeing Manager, Z Energy Limited

Kerene provided a creative and business outcome focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme. It included a face to face component, followed by short masterclasses over seven weeks. The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations. I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation, considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people.

Learning and Development Professional

Government Agency

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Busy Badge of Honour Checklist

Think you might be wearing a Busy Badge of Honour? Do the checklist.

10 Mindful Workplace Tips

Available as PDF to download.

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