If you were standing directly in front of this artwork you wouldn’t see the faces. But look through a camera lens and the faces appear. Working with a coach is a very similar experience…

On your own, it’s almost impossible to see how you might be getting in your own way. That’s because your overly helpful brain is designed to hide things from you. Your brain’s job is to save you from anything even mildly uncomfortable – like criticism, being at fault, taking the blame, or goodness forbid – ever being wrong!

A coach’s job is to hold a mirror up, so you can see yourself more clearly (warts and all). At the same time, a coach walks alongside you, cheering you on, while providing a safe space to expose those things you’d probably rather avoid.

Your brain (just like mine) is a self-delusion machine, designed to hide your shadow side. What’s a shadow side? It’s all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having which is why it prefers to stay hidden. That’s how it survives…

One of my clients summed it up very well – “self-reflection is a powerful tool, but it’s much more powerful with a coach.”

And they’re right because that’s how you grow!

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Special thanks to Tim Christie (local Wellington artist at Yogallery) for this rather poor-quality photograph of one of his brilliant pieces of art. I do yoga with Tim’s wife Katie Christie who runs NowYoga in Wellington. Almost every day I find myself in front of this huge piece. It’s absolutely stunning. The further you stand back, the clearer the faces become.