As I left my yoga class today the new teacher complimented me – “you have such a beautiful practice.” I was beyond chuffed. If only she knew…

A few years back at my first yoga class, I pretty much resembled this image, including the sullen expression. I’d rocked up with a nasty hangover to a Power Vinyasa (that’s yogi speak for a REALLY HARD CLASS) and left feeling like I’d been run over by a bus. I spent the next few hours on my couch in the recovery position. It wasn’t pretty.

I was awful at yoga. But I persisted and I’ve been doing yoga (almost daily now) for 7 years … I know, I know – sounds downright saintly doesn’t it!?

One of my favourite quotes is from Aristotle. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act; it is a habit.”

It reminds me, that whatever you keep practicing, you’ll get good at it.

My practice has gone from excruciatingly painful, to uncomfortable, to manageable, to my happy place. I absolutely love it!

My body feels great. I’m physically strong and my mind thanks me for it.

TBH I’m a bit of a ‘naughty’ yogi as I’m competitive and you’re not supposed to be. I take smug satisfaction from outshining young fit newbies with my solid chaturanga. What can I say? I’m an Australian who was raised to win. But that’s beside the point …

The point is, I can’t tell you the number of people who tell me they can’t do yoga, or they can’t meditate. But anyone can do these practices. You just have to learn to sit with and push through your discomfort to improve.

And you don’t need to torture yourself like me. Start off slowly and with regular practice, you can create any new healthy habit. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Easier said than done, I hear you say. But imagine what you’d achieve in a few years if you started today.

Just be careful you don’t turn into a fanatic like me.

But if you’re serious about starting a new healthy habit, whether that is yoga, or spending more time with your family, get in touch.

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