Warning. I’m about to have a personal rant. I keep reading articles and posts saying ‘yes, you can run a country and have a baby’ and while I am completely behind our PM I don’t believe she can!

In fact, I don’t believe anyone can!

I am the most organised, efficient person I know. I thought all those ‘other’ people who didn’t manage anywhere near as well as I intended to, were (dare I say it) just dis-organised.

Gee, did I fall off my high horse. I couldn’t even find time to shower!

So, I’m feeling for our PM Jacinda Ardern. She may have more resources than the average first time parent, but I bet she’s struggling like we all do. And if she is, I hope she has the courage to say so, because otherwise there’s going to be a lot of new parents out there who feel they should be able to have a baby and cope with ridiculous expectations (like running a bleeding country!) as well.

So, not my usual mindfulness blog? However, I’m mindfully aware of feeling annoyed and want to take a moment to acknowledge our PM and all new parents.

You’re doing a fantastic job and it is tough. Don’t pile expectations on yourself. If you’ve even had a shower today you’re a superhero in my books!

Kerene Strochnetter is the Managing Director of Mindful at Work Ltd. She is on a mission to make the M-words cool in the workplace (mindfulness and meditation). She works with businesses across New Zealand and Australia delivering ‘My Off Switch’ programs to embed and merge mindfulness with workplace behaviour, build resilience, optimise attention, and regulate emotion. It’s all about changing the way you work – being more engaged and on-game – and positively influencing workplace culture.