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Kerene Strochnetter | Speaker | Author

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We’re living in an always-on-action-addicted culture, made worse by rushing, multi-tasking, information overload and non-stop distractions.  

Everyone knows it’s important to look after your physical body, but how do you look after your mind? 

Weaving stories, humour and flair Kerene exposes the impact of staying  ‘crazy busy’ while explaining why mindfulness is essential in the workplace:

  • How mindfulness really works (what the science is telling us)
  • The downside of staying too busy and the impact of a mismanaged mind
  • The benefits of being more mindful at work – joining the dots…
  • Practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into your work routine

Kerene wants people to leave her events excited about giving mindfulness a go! She provides simple tools to incorporate mindfulness into your day to counteract stress and be more on-game, engaged and productive at work and at home.

How mindfulness supports peak performance states:

  • reducing mind wandering (staying on-task)
  • increasing self-awareness and self-regulation (managing reactivity)
  • building emotional intelligence (especially important for leaders)
  • improving resilience and reducing stress (remaining calm under pressure)
  • reducing cognitive bias (exposing what’s hidden)
  • improving physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
  • boosting solution-focused thinking (a clear mind simply works better!)

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What people say about Kerene as a speaker…



Definitely one of the best speakers. It was totally engaging. Thank you.

Excellent presentation. 



Kerene linked mindfulness and Health & Saftey in the workplace brilliantly. An engaging and entertaining speaker. She introduced me to something I’m not generally interested in and made me realise a few things about myself and others. Changed my perception and left me thinking about what I can do to be more mindful.

Great speaker. Very engaging.




Kerene was a wonderful and articulate presenter and she oozed passion for mindfulness. Her presentation was well structured and informative. I appreciated the evidence-based approach and the links to further resources. What an inspiring woman!

Great presentation very informative.


Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Crown Law Office (Aug 2020)
  • Leadership Dev Centre (July 2020)
  • Kapiti CoC (May 2020)
  • Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit (Feb 2020)
  • Kaibosh Food Rescue (Feb 2020)
  • Wellington HELP (Jan 2020)
  • Expert Panel Wellington Mindfulness – The Workplace Superpower (Dec 2019)
  • Commerce Commission Snr Leader Group (Dec 2019)
  • New Zealand Beef & Lamb (Dec 2019)
  • Deloitte Rotorua (Sept 2019)
  • ANZ Bank Wellington & Auckland (Sept 2019)
  • Crown Law Wellington (Sept 2019)
  • Entrepreneur’s Organisation (July 2019)
  • Commerce Commission (July 2019)
  • New Zealand Police (June 2019)
  • Weta Digital (June 2019)
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (May 2019)
  • Crown Law Office (Feb 2019)
  • Strategic Pay Conference (Feb 2019)
  • Lululemon Mindfulness (Feb 2019)
  • Strategic Pay Wellington (Dec 2018)
  • Safety Psychology Conference Auckland (Nov 2018)
  • Crown Law Office Wellington Nov (2018)
  • The Treasury Leader’s Group Oct (2018)
  • Anaesthetic Technicians Boulcott Hosp Sept (2018)
  • Department of Internal Affairs Sept (2018)
  • Treasury HR Group August (2018)
  • ITx Wellington Expert panel July (2018)

  • HRINZ Summit Christchurch & Wellington (2018)
  • Mindful Leaders Conference March (2018)
  • Public sector Managers and Emerging Leaders Forum
  • Chorus (2017)
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (2017)
  • Wellington (2017
  • Z Energy Legal Team (2017)
  • Rival Wealth Wellington (2017)
  • Women in Local Government Leadership (2017)
  • Electra Business Breakfast Kapiti Coast (2017)
  • Z Energy Marketing Team (2016)
  • Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce (2016)
  • ManpowerGroup (2016)
  • School of Practical Philosophy (2015)
  • Dress for Success (2015)
  • International Coach Federation (Wellington Chapter)
  • Woman’s Work Success Conference (2015)
  • ACC Wellington (2015)
  • Z Energy Safety Day (2015)

Kerene was such an engaging speaker, demystifying mindfulness and bringing to the forefront the impact of modern-day busyness and its negative impacts on personal behaviours and efficiency.  Also some excellent tips and tools on how to bring mindfulness into the work environment particularly in regards to meetings!  Thank you Kerene!

Cushla Fitchett

Senior Finance Manager Projects and Financial Systems, ANZ

“What can only be described as a carefully curated presentation, Kerene’s wealth of knowledge and passion in all things ‘Mindfulness’ is so transparently obvious and well researched, it’s educational and inspiring. Filled with so many practical tips – our team absolutely loved her session. A thoroughly engaging speaker!” Carissa Fairbrother

Authorised Financial Adviser and Director, RIVAL Wealth

“Kerene gave us a fantastic overview of what mindfulness actually is, and how practising mindfulness can help us in our personal and work lives. I really liked how Kerene made the session practical and relevant, and created an open environment to discuss how we could apply what she shared.” Kim Beech

Senior Legal Counsel, Z Energy Limited

“Fantastic speaker. Really made you think about taking time out and putting yourself first.”
“Loved it! Learnt something new which is always refreshing.”
“Definitely going to try and get husband to do it as well.”
“Best of the day. Fantastic delivery of great topic – very credible. More of this please!” Delegate Feedback

Executive Assistant Conference, Wellington 2016

“Kerene is an engaging, entertaining and very informative speaker, who knows her stuff.  She’s an expert on Mindfulness.” Samantha Hannah

Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Self Employed

“Kerene delivered an amazingly valuable and thought-provoking session on mindfulness and its value both at work and home.
One of the things that jumped out from Kerene’s presentation is that in a few years’ time, daily mindfulness practices (like meditation) will be as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth.” Lotty Roberts

Head of Strategic Change and Portfolio Office, BNZ Wellington 2017

“Kerene is an excellent public speaker who presents with confidence, clarity and really knows her subject.” Neil Meekin

Innovation Manager, Fire and Emergency NZ