We’re all dealing with Zoom fatigue. And it’s not just Zoom, any virtual platform can be overdone.

When I told my friend I was about to go on Zoom, she gave me a knowing look 😬 and encouraged me to go “camera-off?”

But turning the camera off wasn’t an option, as I was running the session.

And as a presenter, when people turn their camera off, I find it bloody rude.

However, I get it, I really do. Expecting people to sit through back-to-back virtual meetings (when they really needn’t attend) and long boring training sessions is a recipe for disaster.

We need to be more considerate of each other’s attention and mental health.

Are you completely over virtual meetings? Do you rock up, say hi, turn your camera off and then immediately start doing other stuff, like answering emails?

While turning your camera off is one solution, it’s also a bit passive-aggressive, and the tendency to multitask simply feeds the exhaustion we’re all too familiar with.

10 tips for managing Zoom fatigue:

  1. Make camera-on an expected behaviour (and beware those people who argue that they don’t have the bandwidth while WFH).
  2. Cancel unnecessary virtual meetings. Yes, you heard that right. People will love you for it.
  3. Stop having back-to-back virtual meetings. Provide at least 15-30 mins in between.
  4. Build in a bathroom and hydration stop. I was kept on a 2.5-hour Zoom call recently and my bladder was fit to burst.
  5. Shorten meeting times. An hour is too long for any meeting in my opinion, and if you’re making meetings longer than that you should be taken out and thrashed or at least fired! That’s a joke – I don’t really mean it (or do I?)
  6. Decline unnecessary meetings (yes, you can say ‘no’ – it is that simple).
  7. Speak up if you have more pressing work. If it’s your boss, instead of an outright ‘no’, you may need to negotiate what is most pressing, acknowledging you can’t give priority to everything.
  8. If you’re a facilitator (like me) please engage people constantly – get them doing stuff – like polls, typing comments in the chat, coming off mute and asking questions. People have the attention span of a goldfish. Moi included. Interact and keep people entertained.
  9. When something unexpected happens (especially when working from home) like the kids interrupt, the cat desperately needs your attention, or the courier arrives at the door – lighten up. This is life. Introduce your kids, the cat, and even the courier. People need a good laugh more than just about anything else.
  10. Make some meetings purely social events and instil some humour. Have a silly hat day? You may be being paid to do a very important job, but you’re also a social creature. Everyone functions better as a team when they get to know one another personally.

Love to know your thoughts on this one?