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To create the conditions for people to do their best work, you need to clearly communicate what you stand for as a leader and to role model business values (walk your talk).

But don’t make the mistake thinking another competency-based course is what you need!

Developing as a leader is not an intellectual process. You can’t just throw new skills at a problem and hope something sticks.

Real change means growing self-awareness to catch yourself before reverting to old unhelpful behaviours (which is what usually happens under pressure). 

Knowing what drives you – to avoid conflict, not hold people accountable, micromanage, or become overly aggressive – requires cultivating a growth mindset, and the only way to achieve that is by doing the inner work.

It’s called Vertical Growth, which is what makes it transformational.

Work with me 1:1 through The Mindful Leader Vertical Growth programme to:

  • Clarify the talk you’re trying to walk (the values underpinning your leadership)
  • Create an aspirational intention (get really clear about who you want to be)
  • Manage uncomfortable emotions (instead of numbing, denying, justifying, rationalizing, and blaming)
  • Expose unconscious fears, beliefs and assumptions driving old behaviours (build a growth mindset)
  • Uncover image management (how ‘looking’ good prevents interferes with peak performance)
  • Decide your OBT (One Big Thing) – which new behaviour and ritual will powerfully transform your leadership
  • Put new leadership behaviours in place (make wiser choices aligned with what’s most important to you and the business)

The Mindful Leader Vertical Growth programme is a 3-4 month course delivered through the Awakened Mind app or web-based platform.

You can do this programme individually with me as your coach, or as part of a team within your business of organization.

To discuss your specific needs, or for more information about course content, the timing of sessions, costs, and my availability please contact me.

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