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Master Self-Awareness, Vertical Growth and Psychological Safety

Does your business or organization display a great set of values like respect, integrity, teamwork, and passion on the wall but struggle to translate them onto the floor?

Values are meaningless if they’re not backed up by behaviours.

To radically transform your culture, you need a psychologically safe space for people to work.

To do that, start with your leaders.

The research is clear, leaders who can clearly communicate what they stand for, role model business values (walk their talk), and hold themselves and others accountable, massively impact business, culture, and the bottom line.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sending your leaders on another competency-based course will bring about the desired change because it won’t!

Developing leaders is not an intellectual process, because under pressure it’s human to revert to old unconscious behaviours like avoiding conflict, not holding people accountable, or being aggressive.

Real change happens when leaders adopt a growth mindset. Leaders who can interrupt what’s driving their reactivity (in real-time) are far more likely to display values-aligned behaviours.

Real change happens when leaders learn how to shift their thinking under pressure. We call it vertical growth, and that’s inspiring!

The Sport Northland Leadership Roopu undertook the Mindful Leader programme over a four-month period in 2022 and I can hand-on-heart say it was a game-changer for us, both as individuals and as a team. The focus on growth values has been instrumental in the individual development of each of us, and as a team, we now have new rituals which have further developed trust and led to improved meetings and outcomes.

The whole programme superseded our expectations. E mihi ana ki a koe mō tērā e hoa.

Brent Eastwood

CEO, Sport Northland

The Mindful Leader: Vertical Growth programme takes leaders and leadership teams on a radical self-awareness journey to:

  • identify their values (the walk they are trying to talk)
  • take responsibility for growth (instead of denying, justifying, rationalising and blaming)
  • learn how to reduce reactivity under pressure (self-regulate)
  • consistently display values-aligned behaviour in real-time (individually and as a team)

To find out more about The Mindful Leader Vertical Growth programme watch the video. You can download the brochure here.

The Mindful Leader boosts engagement, innovation and performance.

    • Integrating a growth mindset and team development with the latest mental well-being research
    • Creating team rituals and practices for a sustainable, empowering and psychologically safe process for embracing change and complexity
    • Re-establishing the importance of values-aligned behaviour in individuals, teams, and entire cultures!


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