I heard a great quote recently…

“Leadership is a responsibility and that responsibility is to see those around us rise. There’s no CEO on the planet who is responsible for results. They’re responsible for people, who are responsible for people, who are responsible for people…and that’s a very different and difficult skill set”.

Simon Sinek

This is why sending leaders to another workshop, or simply providing people with more information doesn’t work! Everyone might have a fun day out of the office (and even experience a few insights) but insights don’t magically result in behaviour change or guarantee growth.

Why? Because any new skill or knowledge gained is quickly lost the moment a leader comes up against their own inner resistance to change – fear, limiting beliefs, etc. – the mental models that keep them stuck in habitual patterns and reactive loops.

The research is clear about the qualities we expect in our leaders. They need to be honest, inspiring, competent, and forward-looking.

We need leaders who can communicate a clear vision and have the integrity to walk their talk. To do that they need to be extremely self-aware. But self-awareness is not enough, it’s just the beginning.

Ultimately, great leaders work on being deliberately developmental; they work on their mindset.

Once leaders expose how they’re getting in their own way, they’re in a much better place to begin working on managing how they respond (self-regulation).

This won’t come from gaining more knowledge, but from a fundamental inner shift that changes how they show up in the business.

That’s a far messier process. It takes time, energy, courage, and comitment. But it is so worth it!

Here’s an interview I recorded recently with the amazing Gai Foskett, Master Certified Coach, MBA talking about all things leadership.

Well, maybe not ALL things, but we cover quite a bit of ground…

I ask Gai 3 questions:
– the clients she works with and why?
– what patterns does she see in the leaders
– the big ‘stuff’ that people work on

I answer:
– the qualities I see in the best leaders
– common mistakes leaders make (in my opinion…)
– why I love The Mindful Leader program and how it works…

So if leadership is your thing, and you’re wondering what it takes to positively shift workplace culture, get a cuppa, sit down for 30 mins or so and have a listen.

My apologies for the quality – it’s not the best!

You can find out more about Gai Foskett by going to her website.

And if you’d like to find out more about running The Mindful Leader in your business, please contact me [email protected] or phone 027 6244 880. I’d love to talk to you about this amazing program.