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Individual Mindset Coaching Programme 

If you want to change or create something new in your life, it’s important to understand that the thinking that got you here won’t necessarily get you where you want to go.

This 10-week one-on-one coaching and mindfulness package is a powerful combination for busy professionals and leaders, who want to stop rushing, multitasking, putting in too many hours at work, and focus on what really matters while still achieving their goals.

Learning mindfulness while being coached laser focuses you on what’s important. It’s like coaching on steroids!

Mindfulness moves you out of stress mode and operating on autopilot (associated with excessive mind wandering & a negativity bias) by learning to relax, calm down, focus your attention and reconnect with yourself, your life and other people.

Mindfulness builds the self-awareness you need to re-align with your core values, do your best thinking, and feel more alive and engaged.

People often find when they start using mindfulness that what they thought was the problem, isn’t the problem at all!

This is because mindfulness:

  • provides more perspective about what’s really going on
  • allows you to tune into your emotions instead of running away from them
  • helps you explore how your current thinking is holding you back
  • encourages you to take responsibility for your life and circumstances
  • builds the self-awareness you need to self-regulate your behaviour
  • allows you to lighten up and not take yourself or your work so seriously
  • creates a calm, clear, open mind that can spot opportunities and keep risk in perspective

This programme is available face-to-face, or telephone, Skype, or Zoom.

What Kerene’s past coaching clients say about her.

“Kerene has a special kind of ‘magic’ as a coach – hard to define but amazing to be the recipient of. She is simply amazing!”

Ros Martin

“It has been a life-changing experience working with Kerene. Her humour and wit are always refreshing too.” Sarany Pan

“Kerene pushed me to make substantive changes in adapting my lifestyle to better cope with the stress and tension of everyday business and personal life.” David Morriss

“Kerene’s like a wall you bounce ideas off. Your ideas return polished, and dud ideas disappear. I secretly think she’s a coaching ninja!” Mandi Lynn

“Kerene has a knack for being both supportive and challenging – encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone and to question your self-limiting thoughts.”

Hannah Buchanan

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