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Practical Tools for Surviving Life and Workplace Stress 

We’re busier today than ever before and while it’s easy to blame our circumstances, how we respond to what’s happening comes down to our mindset.

And that’s the one thing you do have control over!

This interactive virtual or face-to-face 1 – 2 hour workshop (depending on numbers and time available) explores the mental and emotional impact of the pressures of the modern workplace, and life, and the impact of being constantly busy.

People can share how they’re feeling, participate in polls and exercises, ask me questions, or simply listen in.

Explore a range of mindfulness tools and exercises for growing mental and emotional resilience, so things don’t knock you off balance quite so easily – and if they do – you bounce back quicker.


  • The crucial role your mind plays in making things better or worse
  • Practices for dealing with unpleasant emotions (instead of resorting to comfort eating, alcohol, mindless TV, and doom scrolling…)
  • A strategy for when you feel overwhelmed (the PLAN model)
  • Simple breathing techniques to move through anxiety
  • Mindfulness meditations to calm down, and improve your sleep
  • Why self-care and being kinder to yourself is essential, not selfish
  • Using the practice of gratitude to lift your mood (science confirms it works!)
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to do absolutely nothing!
  • Changing workplace practices that create more pressure and stress …

PLUS all participants receive a list of resources to put practices into place immediately.

$1,495 plus GST


Once people have explored the benefits of mindfulness they usually want to know more!

The 4 module add-on programme is specifically designed to help people embed new behaviours into their lives.

    Delivered virtually – either weekly, monthly, or quarterly – YOU choose!

    Complete the add-on programme in a timeframe that suits your people and your business.

    • Module 1: Be Focused – Choose a personal values-aligned behaviour to work on
    • Module 2: Be Present – Unhook from challenging thoughts and unhelpful emotions keeping you stuck
    • Module 3: Be Genius – Do what matters by overcoming old habits
    • Module 4: Be Kind – Discover how opening up and accepting your experience supports healthy new behaviours

    PLUS – All audio is housed on the Insight Timer app.

    $8,500 plus GST (or book both together and save $2,500)


    Such an engaging and fascinating session and I received great feedback from the staff. Many said it was very refreshing and insightful.

    Emma Griffiths

    Office Coordinator, L’ORÉAL AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

    Thanks so much Kerene. The people that attended are raving about it and telling the others!

    Megan Bayliss

    People Experience Coordinator, Storypark

    Kerene recently ran a workshop with my team and won even our most cynical teammates over with her insight, practical strategies tools and tips on everyday practices that we can incorporate into our lives to make them less “busy” and overwhelming. Thank you

    Sally Feinson

    Brand, Marketing and Comms Director, TradeMe

    Kerene was the perfect person to speak to our conference group. She was incredibly easy to work with and adaptable (the conference had to be postponed twice due to COVID).

    Finally, the day arrived, and 100 pairs of eyes were focused on Kerene, waiting to be entertained, kept interested and involved for the next two hours, and that is exactly what happened!  Kerene delivered in such a way that your interest never waned, and the two hours sped by! I highly recommend Kerene for any organisation (whether it’s an event, a conference, or team programme) just get in touch with her, you will learn so much!

    Roz Meyer

    Ear Nurse Specialist, Northland DHB

    A fabulous session with a huge amount of positive feedback from our members.

    Lea Simmons

    Chair Woman Accountants Special Interest Group , CAANZ

    I thoroughly enjoyed Kerene’s mindfulness training at my workplace. In fact, it was a key highlight of my time working there! It was so interesting and worthwhile and she provided us with such valuable tools going forward. Kerene is an excellent teacher and I looked forward to every session with her. Thanks, Kerene.

    Amanda Satterthwaite

    Senior Policy Advisor

    Kerene’s session is relevant, engaging and easy to apply. It provides staff with options to help them manage their wellbeing and helps them transform this into action too. I got great feedback saying how relevant and helpful it was. Thank you Kerene!

    Nicole Davies

    Organizational Development Advisor, Presbyterian Support Northern

    Anonymous feedback:

    “We’re so appreciative – this session rated highly with our people”

    “Very useful, I loved it”

    “The range of mindfulness tools was great – from the very simple to the more focused meditation – something for everyone”

    “Great timing to help us during a difficult period. Kerene was excellent and the use of polls shows everyone is coping differently but we’re certainly not alone in the way we’re feeling”

    “The format worked well and allowed us to hold a bigger session than would have been possible in a physical meeting room setting”

    Mindful at Work 8-Week Programme

    3-hour workshop followed by 7 x 1.5-hrs a week virtually or face-to-face

    Explore the benefits of being more mindful at work in this half-day workshop and leave with a personal development plan for a calmer, clearer and more grounded you. 

    Group 3-hour workshop covers:

    • the impact of being constantly busy and distracted
    • how mindfulness reduces stress and negativity bias
    • the physical, mental and emotional health benefits
    • what the science is telling us
    • distinguish informal mindfulness from meditation
    • debunk the many myths and misconceptions
    • experience practical mindfulness exercises
    • develop a mindfulness strategy and personal change plan

    Followed by 7-weeks x 1.5-hrs per week (see brochure below for details)

    All course content and guided audio are housed on the Mindful at Work app.

    The Emotional Culture Deck Workshop

    Change the way you have conversations in the workplace.

    The ECD is an insanely simple card-based tool for structured conversations around workplace culture, feelings, and employee experience.

    Most organisations and leaders don’t pay enough attention to how employees are feeling.

    They often struggle to talk about emotions in the workplace and underestimate how central emotions are to building the right culture and employee experience.

    Emotions drive behaviour. When you understand how to influence how people feel, you can understand and influence behaviour.

    How people feel makes a huge difference in how they perform, connect, and collaborate, which is fundamental to culture, collaboration, and performance.

    The ECD workshop is highly interactive and fun, yet powerful and flexible enough to drive lasting culture change. It’s a great place to start transforming workplace culture.

    • This workshop helps leaders understand what drives and motivates them and the people in their teams.
    • Teams get to understand each other as individuals and set their own culture around how they interact.
    • Working on Emotional Culture makes empathy and human connection a core part of your organisation’s style and success.

    Meet Jane…Jane is feeling stressed and overwhelmed…

    She’s doing her best to meet the demands of home and work but…

    Jane knows she needs to make some changes to her daily routine otherwise, nothing changes.

    Do you feel like Jane?


    We worked closely with Kerene from Mindful at Work over a 3 month period.  The team really enjoyed the learnings from the differently themed weekly interactions. It was appreciated that Fujitsu was looking after its employees holistically, by giving them tools to be happier and more stress free across both their working and personal lives.

    The mix of leadership qualities and practices with mindfulness was good for maintaining interest across a wide audience from the team.

    As a staff engagement program it is excellent, allowing the team members to learn about their colleagues and themselves and equipping the whole team with a skill for the rest of their life.

    Scott Mortimer

    VP Legal & Compliance Oceania, Fujitsu Australia Limited.

    Kerene provided a creative and business outcome focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme. It included a face to face component, followed by short masterclasses over seven weeks.

    The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations.

    I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people.

    Learning & Development Professional, Government Agency

    I can now objectively note what I’m feeling and without letting it become overwhelming.

    The tools to decompress more quickly after or before dealing with stress – and using habit breakers to snap me out being stuck in mundane routines – have been amazing.

    Most importantly mindfulness has greatly improved my focus at home for my kids and partner, now not drifting off in key moments but truly enjoying being present.

    Thank you again so much for everything.

    Joshua Ferries, Client Manager Taranaki Business Hub

    We commissioned the Mindful at Work course to help the overall well-being and resilience of our team at X4 Consulting. We were exceptionally pleased with the way Kerene interacted with our team.

    She was thoughtful and positive, and importantly, used scientific evidence to back up  assertions regarding the benefits of meditation. The course was beneficial in many ways, such as: communication; stakeholder management; and the enhancement of the EQ level of our team.

    Moreover the course was delivered with respect to our busy schedules, spread out over a number of weeks to help absorb the key messages and improve the stickiness of the techniques learned.

    Mick Bell

    Director, X4 Consulting

    Kerene provided a creative and business outcome focused approach to an adaptability (mindfulness) programme. It included a face to face component, followed by short masterclasses over seven weeks.

    The overall feedback was very positive, with people practising alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their situations.

    I’d highly recommend Kerene’s programme to any organisation considering how to improve adaptability, innovation and well-being in their people.

    Learning and Development Professional, Government Agency

    Taking Kerene’s course got me into action on something I’ve been meaning to explore for ages. At work I feel more focused, I’m calmer and able to deal with whatever comes up, and I’m sure I’m nicer to be around at home too.
    Barbara Hinkley

    Fuels Product Manager, Z Energy Limited

    In our fast-paced world, it’s nice to be able to hit the ‘reset’ button and bring our minds back down to earth. Kerene’s programme has enabled me to do just that, giving order and perspective to my entire life, not just at work.
    Paul F

    Terminal Manager, Z Energy Limited

    I felt this course was really well put together, I would not hesitate to recommend it to others!
    Kate Stachurski

    CR and Strategy Execution Manager, Z Energy Limited

    ‘My Off Switch’ programme is the exact path to achieve better control over your thoughts, behaviour and life.
    Krina Vasa

    Z Supply Chain, Logistics Lubricants Energy Limited

    Anonymous participant feedback
    • Thank you for a wonderful course – I have totally embraced it.
    • I really enjoyed the course and got what I was looking for out of it.
    • I find the course has helped me find that space for myself and put me on track to achieve my personal leadership plan.
    • Really great course, thanks so much!
    • I would really recommend this programme. Kerene really knew her stuff, and was a great presenter. I have felt calmer since starting the programme, and certain things have become much more apparent to me, especially how I am occurring to others, with wearing my busy badge of honour, and not being fully present.
    • I think mindfulness is a very important strategy for people to learn and apply both personally and professionally and would recommend this course to anyone!
    • Was incredibly valuable. Great program, I have already presented this to my wider team and will try to enrol them sooner.
    • Overall course is great and has huge benefits to personal life also.
    • The weekly sessions brought it all together and I found the whole thing really effective.
    • I loved the programme – it felt like a real privilege to take part and I learnt a lot. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone – while I certainly haven’t ‘nailed’ practising mindfulness I can genuinely feel an impact on my level of calmness, the choices I make and how I react to things.
    • Love it. Worked for me thank you.
    • I found the programme fantastic.
    • Kerene is an incredible facilitator – she never missed a beat … could not recommend her more highly.
    • Kerene was a fantastic facilitator who was never judgmental or demanding and understood the workloads we were dealing with. I would highly recommend her courses to others and would happily take another with Kerene as facilitator.
    • This has been a most enjoyable learning experience and an asset to my daily living. Love it thank you.
    • Kerene was fantastic! I really enjoyed the in-person session. The course has encouraged both me and my wife to participate in other meditation classes. Well done and thanks!
    • I can once again provide very creative ideas to solve complex problems. I can find things easily again.

    • Excellent presentation. The meditation was fantastic. Really enjoyed her approach and had me captured right through to Q &A

    • Loved the exercise. A lot of what Kerene said just made sense. Learnt a lot. Also liked how she walked around, came out to her audience.

    •  Very timely for me in my career to have a tool to refocus and be less reactive. Thanks heaps for sharing.

    • Very useful and very thought provoking. I can see I could benefit from this. Great presentation style.

    • Awesome. Insightful and valuable.

    • Rating: 4.22 out of 5 


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