“The busier you are the unhappier you get!” A short excerpt from the book ‘Crazy Busy” planned to be available November 2019.

As a busy career woman in the nineties, I thought I could do and have it all. And I did, to a point, holding down a demanding full-time job as a teacher while commuting a fair distance to work each day and completing a master’s degree in my evenings and weekends.

If you’re a driven person, it won’t surprise you to know that I still managed to get to the gym or out for a run most days and had a great social life. Did I mention having a husband and two small boys?

You can only survive that relentless pace if you have great self-care strategies in place. I did not. It was only ever going to be a matter of time before I got the speed wobbles and things imploded.

Are you living a hectic life, rushing from one thing to the next, juggling multiple commitments and collapsing at the end of the day? So many of us are.

How many of the following questions would you tick yes to?

  • Do you give your all at work or to other people, only to find you have no energy left over for yourself?
  • Are you wrestling with the constant churn of your crazy busy mind and regularly ‘numbing-out’ with alcohol, drugs, food, gaming, shopping, hours of Netflix, or something equally unfulfilling?
  • In conversations, do you regularly zone out and feel guilty about not listening?
  • Are you addicted to your Smartphone, compulsively checking it every few minutes?
  • Even though your relationships are important, do you resent performing the niceties because you just don’t have the bandwidth?
  • Do you overreact under pressure, behave badly and regret it later?
  • Are you postponing what’s important because you’re so hell-bent on making progress, checking off your to-do list and fighting other people’s fires?
  • Is waking at 3 am ruminating on what you can’t change, or worrying about things which are unlikely to ever happen leaving you tired and irritable?
  • Is it becoming harder to retain information and learn new things?
  • Does your once sharp decisive mind no longer work quite as well?
  • Has your life dissolved into a rut that’s leaving you feeling ho-hum and blah?

Keeping up the pace at work is hard. A certain amount of pressure keeps people on their toes, but today many of us are swamped with information (thanks to modern technology) and conflicting demands on our time. Often self-care is often the first thing to go.

So many people – despite their outward appearance and career success – tell me they’re drowning under the pressure. These are smart, savvy high functioning people who admit they’re suffering.

Once highly engaged at work and in their own lives, they struggle with the burden of holding everything together. They want to be present and spend more quality time with their kids, partners and friends, but work usually wins out.

Often late home, they bring their work with them, answering emails and phone calls well into the evening. Despite knowing they’re sacrificing their precious and much-needed downtime, they can’t seem to switch off.

When life gets too intense, it’s common to fantasise about dropping everything and escaping. But running away is rarely an option and hoping other people or circumstances will change is unwise.

Staying cray busy without adequate downtime slowly erodes your health and happiness. It can even kill you. If you’ve been packing too much in for too long, it’s only a matter of time before life starts to feel overwhelming, repetitive and dissatisfying, or you burn out.

If you want to explore how mindfulness counterbalances the stress and pressure associated with a busy lifestyle, I’ll show you how.

‘Crazy Busy’ was written for busy people with chaotic minds who know they need to stop but don’t know how to or think they can’t.

If you’re a reluctant meditator (perhaps you’ve tried and failed), dubious about whether mindfulness works, or doubt you could ever sit still and meditate then this book was written with you in mind.

Kerene Strochnetter is the Managing Director of Mindful at Work Ltd. She’s on a mission to make the M-words (mindfulness and meditation) cool in the workplace.

Mindful at Work delivers workplace programmes to businesses across New Zealand and Australia, to groups, leaders and individuals wanting to build resilience, lift engagement, operate at their best and to create a healthier workplace.

It’s all about changing the way you behave by changing the way you think, because better humans positively influence workplace culture.

To find out more about the benefits of mindfulness for your business, Mindful at Work programmes, or one-on-one coaching for senior leaders please email Kerene kerene@mindfulatwork.co.nz or contact us via the website.