Crazy Busy

If busy is the new stupid, then mindful is the new smart…

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Crazy Busy –  NOW available!

Are you so focused on checking off your to-do list and getting stuff done, that you’re overlooking what’s important? Is rushing, multitasking and compulsively checking your phone beginning to take a toll on your life and relationships?

Meditating is hard, especially if you’re a busy person, but anyone can build mindfulness into their daily routine. 

Includes free downloadable workbook and app-based audio meditations all available on the free ‘Insight Timer’ app.

About the author – Kerene Strochnetter

Never underestimate the power of a major setback to jump-start your life.

When Kerene found herself at rock-bottom she used mindfulness to claw her way out.

This is her story.

If you’re a busy person who wants to practise mindfulness but struggles to meditate, or finds it hard to find the time, this book was written especially for you!

Kerene is the Managing Director of Mindful at Work – a business bringing mindfulness into the workplace – not simply as a tool, but as a mindset.

The hardest part of making change is making a start. This book will make it easy to start exercising your attention muscle in little ways that will ensure you are present for life as it happens and able to better choose your focus.

Dr Paul Wood

Author of 'How to Escape from Prison'.

Mindfulness is much more than a stress buster or quick fix for surviving the relentless pace of modern life. I love how Kerene not only explains how mindfulness helps you slow down and look after yourself but how these practices bring out your best and have the capacity to positively transform what it means to be human.

Michael Bunting

Author of 'The Mindful Leader'.

Crazy Busy is incredibly readable and relate-able! Don’t let the homespun wisdom and domestic anecdotes deceive you, Kerene has a very deep understanding of the philosophical, psychological, neurological and behavioural underpinnings of mindfulness.

She also has the ability to couch her wisdom in the everyday vernacular…which makes it so easy to read and relate to. From her first-hand, lived experience Kerene knows that ‘crazy busy’ is an incredibly strong (and socially acceptable) addiction. An addiction which can compromise your health, damage your relationships and even sabotage your career.

This book is skillfully designed to be accessible to those who are too busy to read it!

Paul Bedson

Senior Therapist and Group Facilitator.

Kerene’s generosity and authenticity shines from every page of this vibrant book. She helps us make sense of mindfulness, meditation and life, with relatable, realistic concepts and practices.

Here is a guide to be mindfully proactive and create the best version of yourself!

Janet Etty-Leal

Author of ‘A Head-Heart Start to Life: Creative Mindful Discoveries for Young Children’.

Not many people stop for long enough to notice the state they are in and the effect it is having. This book is not only an authentic, personal and insightful account of one person’s journey out of the madness of ‘crazy busy’, but also a practical and accessible road map to help others find a place of greater peace, well-being, fulfillment and productivity.

A lot of people need to read this book.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Craig Hassed OAM

Monash University