Who are we?

Kerene Strochnetter

Managing Director – Mindful at Work

Mindfulness Trainer | Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author

Kerene is all about people. Prior to being the Managing Director of Mindful at Work, her extensive professional background includes – Registered Nurse, teacher, academic leader, coach and principal consultant.

Kerene holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees (which while interesting) aren’t nearly as satisfying as running her own business and bringing mindfulness into the workplace. 

Kerene launched Mindful at Work in 2016 delivering ‘My Off Switch’ mindfulness-based courses and workshops in businesses and organisations across New Zealand and Australia.

Kerene’s passionate about bringing mindfulness into the workplace, because people who can stay present and calm amidst the chaos and complexity can function at their best.

Plus, mindful people are just more inspiring to be around!

When not dreaming up new ways to change the world she enjoys walking along the waterfront in Wellington, minimalist apartment living, writing, reading, films, being with her family and good red wine.

Currently much of her time is taken up writing ‘Crazy Busy’ – a book for busy people who struggle to switch off and want to reconnect with what really matters.

For more info go to LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerenestrochnetter/

Andrew Morrison

Associate – Mindful at Work

Andrew has a passion for connecting with people to uncover and discover their strengths. He’s particularly interested in resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness. His love of learning and wanting to make a difference has lead him to become a trainer and facilitator in these areas. He’s also a strong advocate for men’s health and wellbeing.

Trainer | Facilitator

As a long-time student of personal development, meditation and yoga, Andrew brings more than 20 years of experience in mind-body-awareness practices to his work. He is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator, a Pause Breathe Smile Mindfulness in Schools facilitator and Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Coach. He’s also a certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and an mBIT Professional Coach.

Andrew’s career highlights include hosting leading international speakers in positive psychology, working in local government community housing with a focus on increasing people’s sense of pride and community spirit, being the Wellington region Coordinator for Big Buddy Mentoring (finding male mentors for fatherless boys) and project managing a national Men’s Wellbeing Programme.

In his spare time Andrew loves to get out in nature, be with friends and tap into his creativity.

He’s also the Conference Convenor for NZ’s first Mindful Leaders Conference 2018.

Martin Giles

Associate – Mindful at Work

Martin is an experienced consultant to both government and private sectors, both in NZ and internationally. He is particularly interested in engagement, management practices and mindfulness as a business tool.

Consultant | Mindfulness Coach

Martin’s work has been varied, with roles from engineering to psychology to business consultancy that has taken him around the world, where he’s made the most of his experiences meeting and learning from new people in new places. A common theme across all his work is a deep love of working with people.

Through watching, learning and engaging with different individuals, groups and cultures, he’s developed a clear understanding of how people tap into their happiness: it’s by being fully present and actively mindful.

In his personal life as a husband, son, brother and father, and in his professional life as a business consultant and mindfulness coach, Martin focuses on supporting people to live mindfully and well, to be fully themselves, and to share their gifts without fear, even – or especially – in times of chaos.

Martin strongly believes that value is held within people and not within things. He knows firsthand that if the decision is made between people to consciously connect, anything can be accomplished.

Jess Stuart

Associate – Mindful at Work

Jess has a passion for helping people achieve their potential without burning out in the

Coach | Author | Mindfulness Teacher

She has a background in HR and management across multiple businesses and countries, is a published author of two books, and internationally trained in mindfulness. An experienced coach focusing on personal and leadership development, Jess specialises in mental potential, resilience, self-awareness and how to achieve success (and balance) through harnessing emotional intelligence, powerful goal-setting and understanding mindfulness.

Having lived, worked, and volunteered in many countries with some inspirational people, Jess’s work draws on her life experience to share the principles of health and happiness.