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Colour your water, make sandals and decide what really matters!

Whether you’re an individual wanting to change, a team needing to perform, or a business after an entire culture shift, you first have to identify your ‘why‘,  uncover what’s holding you back, and put new strategies in place to get there. This takes time, energy, focus and commitment. My approach involves showing people how to:

Dye in water

Colour the water…

Ask a fish about water and the fish is likely to say, ‘what’s water?’

Thinking is the human equivalent.

Without awareness, our minds and emotions easily hook us and yank us around.

We ruminate about what happened, resist what is happening now and worry about things that might.

Mindful awareness is a practice to colour your water so you can let go of unhelpful thinking keeping you stuck.


Make sandals…

Once a barefoot Princess stepped on a thorn that hurt so much she demanded her father the King carpet the entire kingdom!

The King freaked as carpeting kingdoms is wildly expensive!

A wise person suggested making the Princess a pair of sandals. Problem solved!

Moral: Most problems are not due to our circumstances but to our mindset. Real resilience is knowing how to make your own sandals.


 Move toward what matters?

Whether you want to make personal changes, get a team performing, or shift an entire business culture, you have to know your ‘why‘.

Without a clear ‘why’ it’s easy to find yourself, your team, or your entire organisation straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.

When people articulate what matters most it energises them to take action (behave) in line with their values. This makes it a powerful practice.


I believe in better humans and becoming the best version of ourselves!

  • Mindfulness is a set of practices for showing up as your best more often.
  • Smart organisations train their leaders first because leaders create culture.
  • Mindfulness brings the smarter part of the brain online and interrupts mindless reactivity.
  • Listening generously, being open, curious and less critical and judgmental radically improves relationships – these skills need to be trained.
  • Workplace mindfulness is about changing behaviour and creating a healthy positive workplace culture.
  • People need new tools to manage from the inside out, otherwise, they’re ruled by habit.
  • Nothing interrupts unhealthy behaviours better than mindful awareness.
  • People who are present and fully engaged, are happier, more productive and fun to be around.
  • Teams that feel psychologically safe do a much better job.
  • A growth mindset isn’t something you have (or don’t have), it’s something you deliberately train.
  • Doing business mindfully means operating consciously and ethically while operating a healthy bottom line.
  • Businesses that encourage their people to innovate, make mistakes and take risks, thrive.
  • The best leaders don’t avoid difficult conversations or become harsh and aggressive; they’re both firm and fair.
  • When your people and leaders purposely align their behaviours with business values they’re more likely to do the right thing.